Monday, March 14, 2011

Ringing the Liberty Bell!

I just happen to notice more than a few stories recently about "Domestic Terrorists" being apprehended lately. I've got two examples but these stories are not unique. I've seen others just like it from Pennsylvania, to Maine, to Texas. These two come from Atlanta, Georgia and Fairbanks, Alaska.

The news media calls them the "Sovereign Citizen Movement" and of course they don't even attempt to get the other side of the story. It's just a crazy band of anti-government types that don't think they have to live by any rules.
Five Arrested in Plot to Kill Judge and State Troopers Fairbanks Alaska

FBI: Sovereign Citizens on the Rise Atlanta Georgia

And here's a few more... Colombus Ohio

Indianapolis Indiana

Sarasota Florida and Alabama

But the story that caught my attention was the one in Fairbanks. Because I also was given a video of the gentleman's presentation to a group in Montana. And it's quite a speech!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Starving the Monkeys

Tom Baugh, a former Marine wrote a book and gave a speech. It was rather profound... and certainly worth listening to and understanding.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Afghanistan... another lost decade

The following video is a rather excruciating example of why the mission to Afghanistan is a failure in it's stated goal. It's deadly, dangerous, and very demanding for all those who participate but most want to have meaning behind what they do... and for the soldiers and the Afganies... what are they risking their lives for?


For those who profit from the government's actions... this is certainly a success. So why should they stop?

I think the second part really delivers the message.