Sunday, April 24, 2011

Americans are so Stupid

How stupid are they?  Very!

I dislike having to point this out but someone has got to tell the American people their fly is down. It's become so obvious that the average American can be led by the nose to anything... and fleeced over and over again with such ease that Lennie Small, the mentally challenged character from Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice and Men", looks like a genius next to them.

Just put an "expert" in front of them, let's call them "Expert D" and half of the voting populace will be convinced of the necessity. Combine that with a second "expert", "Expert R", that asks for a sliver less, and the other half of the populace will immediately go to arguing with those who favors Expert D's advice. This may go on for several months until a compromise is "hammered out"... and then everyone is congratulated for the compromise. For those at the top it's like taking candy from a baby. Needless to say, success breeds imitation and over the years, every industry and every field of expertise has become much wealthier going to the politicians at the capital and putting on this theater... than figuring out a better way is looked down upon.

The problem is... this has gone on for 100 years... and the giant vault of money that represented the economic wealth of the American economy is practically empty. The final scraps now are being fought over fiercely. But that is a fool's game and the fools are out in numbers!. Anyone willing to step back and look at the system will realize that the system is so unusable that it's foolish to use it for anything. Like a fire hose that has so many holes in it that no matter how big the fire truck pump... and how massive the water supply... only drops come out the nozzle at the fire.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Concision (Wikipedia) is a form of censorship described by media critics such as Noam Chomsky as the practice of limiting debate and discussion of important topics on broadcast news on the basis of broadcast time allotment.
Media critics contend that this practice, especially on commercial broadcasts with advertising, encourages broadcasters to exclude people and ideas that they judge cannot conform to the time limits of a particular program. This leads to a limited number of "the usual suspects" who will say expected ideas that will not require extensive explanation such as mainstream political ones. Furthermore, introducing controversial or unexpected statements that do not conform to those conventional ideas are discouraged as time inefficient because the person will be required to explain and support them in detail.
The Milwaukee Story

Ideas being used against the mind of the innocent

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Million Oz March

I'm a big fan of Silver these days. And this just makes me smile. Seeing JP Morgan go down would certainly make a great deal of the population a tid bit happier.