Friday, February 15, 2013

What makes a man? Don't believe the hype!

The "Hollywood" Effeminate Male vs. the Man of Character. When I say the Hollywood Effeminate Male, I'm not just talking about the fellas that dress funny, have limp wrists and slur their words... I'm talking about every male character that we find in the modern media.

This blog is primarily for the ladies (women hold the majority of cards in most relationships). I would like to help them identify the contradictions that are being handed to them via the media and the movies. We have become so attached to our favorite characters that most of us haven't realized that this is mental programming of our subconscious mind. Many are so attached to these flawed illusions of manhood they have adopted them to serve as their friends over the people they mingle with in the real world. The fact is we live in a consumer driven society where happiness is the product being sold. They can't sell happiness to happy people. So a sub-industry has evolved that quietly conditions people to give up on the happiness in their own lives by dumbing them down to the point that they now are no longer independent but dependent. To do this, logic and reasoning has been replace by ego and emotion. It's the modern personality ethic of looks and appearance matter more that substance and character.

So why do I get sick every time I turn on the television or watch the average movie? Because I see the subtle and sometimes blatant process that goes on. The contradictions within the composition of the characters on the screen that supposedly represents manhood. I am saddened by all the little boys and girls whose innocent minds are led down this path... and even more saddened by all the suffering that is perpetuated in the world by this illusion.

Below is 20 characteristics of a man. In each case, not all, I would suggest that if you put any particular movie or TV character up against it, you will find that they fall on the negative side of many of these characteristics. And these are what most men and women idolize. That is a mistake and a very solid reason why most live confused drama filled miserable lives.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do you want your illusions destroyed?

The first question when talking to people about a truth is: Do you want your illusions destroyed?

If you don't want your illusion destroyed, avoid the confusion, avoid the anger, avoid the thinking and just be content that you're happy in your bubble. But remember, your in a bubble... stay away from pointy objects and situations!

Most have no clue they live in an illusion. But it's very hard not to today. Just about everything is. People have been fed so much garbage, from the TV, the newspaper, the movie screens, the education system, the politicians, the medical "experts", the "scientists", etc., etc... most of it backwards and upside down to the real reality. The food they eat is tainted, the beverages they drink are spiked... the medicine is rarely something to help... all is to hinder them thinking for themselves. Or having any confidence in any idea they might have.

 Do you want your illusions destroyed?