Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why 9/11 doesn't matter...

Quite a tantalizing title... If just those few words get's your temperature rising then your the person I'm after and I'm hoping more than a few will take notice. It has been brought to my attention and despite my feeling that 9/11 was an important event... it pales in comparison to something that matters much more.

 This subject is best covered by the following podcast... and although I had my doubts at the beginning, by the end, I had to agree that indeed I had missed something very important. This could also be applied to many of the issues facing us... from Global Warming, to Chemtrails, to the financial "crisis", to GMOs, to fluoride, to the Wars, to why our children seem to be more and more "rebellious" and so on... all are secondary to something that each of us has experienced and most likely has affected us personally. If you spent 12 years in the education system... you may have not noticed, but each one of us was indoctrinated to it.

It's very easy to detect. Just say something controversial... and if you can see it in another person's eyes... the emotion boiling up... they have it! We've been conditioned to remain in the boxes set out for us and we've even been conditioned to keep ourselves within those boxes by a simple method of emotional attachment. It's why people now never discuss religion or politics in "civilized" settings.But more importantly it's why people are willing to be fooled.

This is an hour and a half podcast... and if you feel yourself getting upset by the discussion... then more than likely it's the emotional attachment we've been trained to use as our security blanket exposing itself... but I'd suggest biting your lip and pressing on... it's that important.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two Inspirational People in One Day

Doing the right thing despite the government and big business isn't always easy. In one case a great deal of intimidation, police and federal agents showing up at the person's door and I'm sure their were other perceived or inferred threats.

But it's inspirational to see individuals standing up regardless of the pressure and doing the right thing!

The first person is Chris Lui, an airline pilot who probably has done more for airline and airport security with one video than the TSA has done in 9 years with hundreds of billions!

Chris Liu: I am the Pilot

The second was an employee of supposedly one of the best companies to work for in the world. Certainly this gentleman put his lucrative future on the line because of something he discovered while working at his job. The amount of data being collected on individuals boggles the mind and what is being done with that data concerned this gentleman. So he quit and came up with his own program that allows people to Opt Out of the secretive data collection schemes of many familiar names on the internet.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's time to take down the curtain...

In the Wonderful Wizard of Oz... the almighty wizard is show to be a helpless old man behind a stupendous stage show... who knew Frank Baum was writing non-fiction? The charade that is the War on Terror should become clear with some simple statistics.

When you look at the numbers, you have to stand in awe of the mountaineous pile of horse shit the government has put together on terrorism. And it's truly amazing how many people are willing to buy in. Going to the bathroom is more dangerous than the terrorist threat. It's time to wake up and stop paying for this circus!

-- You are 17,600 times more likely to die from heart disease than from a terrorist attack

-- You are 12,571 times more likely to die from cancer than from a terrorist attack

-- You are 11,000 times more likely to die in an airplane accident than from a terrorist plot involving an airplane

-- You are 1048 times more likely to die from a car accident than from a terrorist attack

--You are 404 times more likely to die in a fall than from a terrorist attack

-- You are 87 times more likely to drown than die in a terrorist attack

-- You are 13 times more likely to die in a railway accident than from a terrorist attack

--You are 12 times more likely to die from accidental suffocation in bed than from a terrorist attack

--You are 9 times more likely to choke to death on your own vomit than die in a terrorist attack

--You are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than by a terrorist

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Reality Check

All those toys the kids have to have in December...

This is what will happen to them... by March, April or May.

And more than likely that's a good thing... because being that they're from China... it's much more than likely they have some kind of toxic substances within them. (Despite the fact Congress passed a law... toxic toys keep on coming)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Reinvigorating People! Getting people excited about life! And getting them to chose the red pill

A topic that often comes up with the "Liberty Movement" is: How do we wake people up?

Recently I was listening to a very interesting podcast by Brett Veinotte. In it Brett spoke about how he had to look within to find out what he's good at and more importantly what he was supposed to be doing. He came up with three goals that he felt a teacher should be sure to accomplish with every student.

His three goals briefly (for children):

1. Reigniting, reviving or restoring the curiosity we all have within us but has been destroyed by the system. Then perpetuating and fostering that curiosity once they have it.

2. Helping them understand there can be something gained from positive relationships with adults. Allowing them to see the wisdom in others.

3. Stopping them from running away from learning. Restoring the love of learning.

This audio is about 30 minutes but well worth the time.

I can only speak for myself and my experience. I didn't have a bad education. I went to Catholic schools my first six grades and then over the next 6 years probably three of the better public schools in the state. But I was still sick of school. So sick, I joined the Army the day I turned 17. It wasn't until I got out of the Army, with a GI Bill... and knowing I had money to spend, I went back to school. First, for a vocation that at first interested me, then into a community college and finally a well known University. I had reinvigorated my curiosity and my love of learning! But even then, in my late 20s I still didn't grasp the importance. It wasn't until I was in my 40's that I really started learning...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dealing with Reality... it isn't always pleasant

This is one of those truths that few want to deal with but it is one of the facts that has to be exposed before people really understand why the system of government we have has to be changed. The use of force and coercion in the daily exercise of government has been accepted as a necessary evil... but what few realise is... that corrupting power goes well beyond stealing money and murder mysteries.

Ted Gunderson is one of the brave individuals who should be heralded as a hero yet he remains unknown to most... and it's no coincidence... it's a testament to how far the deceipt and corruption have gone. These are things that make the mafia look like child's play.

This also functions as a control mechanism. People who fall into Satanism are forever pawns to the will of those with power and influence. Thus, it's simple to see how things happen that appear to be illogical or nonsensical. It's not just money that corrupts... it's also ignorance.

This is another reason why things like Wikileaks... is not tolerable. The truth needs to remain hidden... and people need to remain blind and obedient.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eat the bad stuff! It's ok!

Animal fat may not be as bad as one might think. The decades of studies that suggested saturated fat is bad for people may be wrong. Sally Fallon Morell suggests that the "experts" have been corrupted by the pursuit of the almighty dollar and government agencies have become lapdogs for the industries exploiting people's ignorance.

Some of the foods mentioned... eggs, bacon, ice cream, olive oil among many others ...some good...some bad. A amazing interview that should spark some serious questions about the American diet.

It sure makes one wonder if the worst foods are the ones that are the worst or maybe their the ones that people should be considering.

The 20 Worst Foods

A second interview

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Living Proof! Vitamin C cures!

This story is amazing!

Vitamin C brings a man back from death. All the Doctors had given up.

Living Proof. Vitamin C is a miracle cure.

A family fights for a man's life!

This is also a discussion for those who believe socialized medicine is the solution.

Modern medicine is all about the money! I'm sure most doctors and nurses won't admit to that but I'm sure some hospital administrators would. Doctors are put into a precarious position, insurance companies, government officials, professional associations and banks all have their hooks into a doctor. Needless to say, he has bills to pay and favors to keep... which could and usually does directly conflict with what a doctor may diagnose.

For those unable to see what is going on.... Your an idiot! (But you don't have to be)

Yes, I wanted to get YOUR attention. Yes, more than likely, YOUR an idiot! You've been fooled so many times, that those who know better, can't help but take advantage of you. I mean, it's like taking candy from a baby... only the baby would probably put up more of a fight than YOU have!

Just think of me as General George Patton, or one of the drill instructors at Paris Island... or even Gandhi (he didn't mince words) ...someone that has no time for pussyfooting around, or worrying about YOUR feelings ... because you have become so soft it really doesn't make a difference what I say, the truth alone is enough to bring you to tears or get you insanely angry. Time is of the essence and so I'm going to use every second of opportunity to inform you that it's time YOU get YOUR ASS in gear! It's time to wake up and smell the coffee! It's time to get in the game and score one for the team! There's no time for a fluffy marketing campaign, it's now or never. Your either going to make it happen or your going to be run over. And if the good guys are going to win, you've got to be more than just a speed bump.

Living in the Illusion

I would suggest that most of the people in this world live in an illusion. It's not that the physical world isn't "real" but it is the perception of what is going on... the motivations of why things are done... the reasons of why things happen the way they do.

The idea that medical doctors have our best interests in mind, or lawyers, or police officers, or politicians... when in actuality the truth is not as pleasant a thought. The good news is... we still have an opportunity to take on responsibility for ourselves and grow into adult Americans rather than just be childlike sheep headed to slaughter.

Friday, December 10, 2010

The Cult of the Paper Idol

When I used to look at all the problems in the world... I used to wonder how it all got so bad. It was very disheartening to see so many problems and so few solutions. It seemed every time one problem might have a solution... the solution would turn out to have even more problems. Look at margarine... supposedly a solution to cholesterol for the butter eaters with heart problems... but it turns out margarine, may in fact cause even more heart problems as well as a number of others.

The good news is I have found the cause to most of the problems of the world. Fiat currency and central reserve banking! It's all about the money! Where the money flows is attached to an agenda. People and businesses that follow that agenda are rewarded with "credit" and those who don't aren't. The power of being able to create money from nothing is truly amazing. So amazing that most people just can't conceive of how corrupted the system is.

Consider a simple monopoly game with four players. Each player is given $1500. The game begins... each time a player crosses Go, they receive an additional $200.. but as player buy and develop their property... the rent goes up. And being there is only a finite amount of money... at some point each player runs out until there is only one player remaining. However, imagine the bank is like our Federal Reserve. Which just prints more... and loans more... as long as players are deemed "credit worthy" they can continue to play... no one loses! But all the players will eventually become so indebted to the bank that they have lost control of their own assets...everyone loses! This is the problem with our monetary system that no one discusses. The bank can also simply pick winners and losers based on who it deems credit worthy. And thus personal agendas begin to creep into the system.

So for example... why is the medical industry so screwed up? Why do they treat illness and disease but never look to solve the causes? Because it pays to treat diseases instead of get rid of the problem.

And this is the introduction to what I like to call... The Cult of the Paper Idol.

Friday, December 3, 2010

The $5 a day Henry Ford paid his workers...

in 1914 is worth more than double what the average worker earns today!

Henry Ford shocked many by offering to pay his employees $5 a day (January 3rd 1914). This, when the average farm hand at the time made about $1 a day and the average manufacturing worker about $2.34 for a 9-hr workday. It sounds almost unbelievable but if they had a CPI back in those days it would have been zero and hadn't changed in nearly 120 years! There had been some upheavals over the many years but, essentially, $1 in 1914 was equal to $1 in 1791, 123 years earlier. Can you imagine that?!

The value of money had not been diminished by a central bank. America didn't have one. We had two experiments with the First Bank of the United States 1791-1811 (modeled after the Bank of England). It was given a 20 year charter. It's no coincidence that after the American government did not renew it's charter in 1811, England declared War. The War of 1812.

In 1811, Nathan Mayer Rothschild, effectively, the Bank of England, was not amused with the American government and stated, "Either the application for renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war." However the United States stood firm and the Charter was not renewed, which caused Nathan Mayer Rothschild to issue another threat, "Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to colonial status." So in 1812, backed by Rothschild money, and Nathan Mayer Rothschild's orders, the British declared war on the United States. The Rothschild plan was to cause the United States to build up such a debt in fighting this war that they would have to surrender and allow the charter for the Rothschild owned First Bank of the United States to be renewed.
Soon after the War of 1812 ended, a second bank, was given another 20 year charter. The Second Bank of the United States.
Who do you think really won that War?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Genes: Not what most people think they are...

Although the common belief is that genes have a great deal to do with determining who we are... new studies may render that belief dead wrong. Genes are able to change to the environment they experience.

Now I'm not exactly onboard with everything these gentlemen say, but they do bring up  facts that support their beliefs. Let's just stick to them. Some facts we can presumably all agree with like the fact that modern medicine is more about money and thriving as a business on death and disease rather than being interested in determining how people can be healthy without medicine's intervention.

The New Biology: From Victim to Master

Here's a great 60min presentation on the genome. (There is about 20 min of Q and A)

Dr.Wayne Dyer interviewing Dr.Lipton on the new understanding in genetics

Isn't it interesting that this represents the "illusion" that our society has given us... but it's not based on reality... it's based on past behavior,our learned understanding... effectively an ideology.

Stefan Molyneux points out some very interesting ideas about how ideologies are formed.... his Bomb in the Brain series is very thought provoking and I'd highly recommend it if you have the time. This is just an introduction.

If you've made it this far hopefully you've been enlightened to some ideas that may have not occurred to you before. If so run with it! If you already knew Why didn't you let me in on this sooner??!! If your still unconvinced I can appreciate that as well... feel free to comment. This discussion is far from over!