Sunday, November 17, 2013

Disaster Fascism – the latest model of the “Final Solution”

With understanding comes innovation. Simple ideas are to be treasured. Short and sweet is certainly a goal when it comes to communicating ideas to others. So, it is the author’s intention is to be as brief as possible while adequately outlining the idea.

Disaster Fascism is, by the author’s definition, the next version of the Keynesian model of economics. The corporate-state mechanism’s justification to right the ship in their economic model and provide the rational for the elimination of the majority of the population on the planet via economic incentives. Not being an economist,  the author may be pushing the boundaries of his or her understanding but regardless of the pieces of papers they’ve gathered or the letters next to their name,  this idea is put forth.

As advocates for freedom we are up against what I would consider a new iteration of the same old idea. Whether man will control destiny from a rigid authoritarian structure or will it come from the unknown. Will a man become the God over his domain or will society remain subordinate to something greater. Those who would control have been at this game for a long time and the current reality we live in is certainly a result of the construct that has been put in place over the past several hundred years. Understanding this control mechanism is really the key to determining the future. Whether it will trend toward a man-God or that we accept that we don’t really know and because of this… there must exist something greater beyond our current understanding. Whether one calls it God or enlightenment is not my concern.