Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Police State is Doomed... and it's a huge opportunity!!

I just happened to stumble upon this essay. It points out the logic behind what could be the future... it has more logic than you may believe! Have you ever heard of the second law of thermodynamics? Closed systems always trend toward entropy.

Think "China." Think "Russia." Then think back to Mao and Stalin. If those two concentration camps could collapse without armed resistance or a lost war, don't tell me about the inevitability of tyranny.
Lincoln Steffens visited the Soviet Union in 1921 and returned to say, "I have been over into the future, and it works." No, it didn't. Neither do the mini-despotisms of the various Keynesian utopias. Their employees will not receive those pensions after all.

This is from  Gary North's article on entitled The Police State Is Doomed

He goes on to say:
In Brave New World, the tool of control is a drug: soma. It keeps the masses docile. In 1984, it is two-way television. There is no privacy. In Animal Farm, it is widespread belief in the good of the whole, which mandates individual sacrifice. The results are the same: an elite maintains control over the masses. There is no way out.

The 99% Movement

99% of the population is being railroaded. The top 1% has declared War on the rest of us... and most haven't even figured it out yet. It should be of concern that trillions...that's with a "T" have disappeared ... and yet no one is even investigating. Have we been sold out?

****Update: October 2011 ****
Little did I know when I mentioned this what would happen with this idea. I just happened to read an article on that offers a bit of a different perspective on the 1%... it's the state.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Childhood and it's lessons of life...

I was not one who really lent much relevance to the psychologist's idea that all we have to do is figure out what our parents did to us...and then forgive them and ourselves. I figured, if I was going to be an adult, I was just going to have to take responsibility for myself. So regardless of what happen as a child... it was now my chance to change the things I didn't like and just put the past behind.

Now I didn't go looking for this but I found this fellow on Youtube... and began listening to his weekly diatribes. Eventually I came upon his philosophy on children and child rearing... and the "brain damage" that can occur...and how that brain damage can then circumvent logical thinking and rationalization in everything a person might involve themselves in.

I'm not here to judge. I'm just pointing this information out because I think it's distinctly important in the effort to figure out the meaning of life for each of us... to make life more meaningful... and more importantly, to understand one another.

These are two videos that serve as introductions to his philosophies.

Now...before you go off thinking I'm an atheist or any other label for that matter... or that I feel this man's words are the rock solid unquestionable facts... I will be more than happy to let you know... I don't agree with everything... but what that is... I'll leave out. We all need to have some space to think for ourselves... and I'll be happy to let you have yours.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Partisan politics... the endless circle

When you ask a politician why nothing ever really changes in Washington... or any other political body, for that matter, a politician will probably almost always start by saying it's very difficult to come to a consensus... it's hard work... it's always a compromise.

It certainly is hard to stop spending someone else's money, especially when your friends and neighbors look up to you as you do it.

The mafia learned the trick long ago...if one os going to steal... the benefits have to be spread around. One has to share! Certainly at least some of the cops, the judges, and public officials got their cut... effectively being paid to look the other way. Even the local community benefits from "crime". I know myself, some of my own family lore involves Al Capone and what a nice guy he was. And honestly, if you compare Al to most individuals involved in government or business these days... he would look like a saint. Sure, he killed a few people, but that's just it... a few people. And as far as his business... it would be legal today... only the "cut" would go to the government in the form of taxes and political contributions.

Today, even doctor's admit that somewhere between 100,000 to 300,000 people die due to misdiagnosis or a mistake. But we aren't throwing them in jail. And when you consider damage done from prescription drugs, vaccines, radiation and other "treatments" the good ole days of witch doctors and leaches doesn't seem so bad.

What this may come all come down to is perception and a recent poll taken by Gallup demonstrates this.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"What is the criteria for downsizing government?"

You never hear politicians say anything specifically to this question. So here's the answer to look for... "Get Rid of Everything that Doesn't Work!"

If one might have forgotten... they promised that:

1933: Everyone would have a retirement to look forward to... at age 65... for 1 penny of every dollar! Now it's 15 pennies and the system is still broke! And most of us will never see anything!

1965: To end poverty... didn't work. Poverty is worse than when the program started!

1972: They promised to get rid of evil drugs dealers and drug violence... it's only gotten worse. And more than likely, the biggest "dealers" work for the government!

1918-present: They promised 'National Security' ... all we've gotten is a giant bill and a nation of insecurity and a very sour economy. Let's just go back to 'National Defense'.

1945-1990: To stop communism and fascism... now they run the government!

There's probably a million more and in almost every case... failure. But they remain on the books and most certainly some government bureaucrat or corporate welfare recipient is attached to it like a leach. It's time to remove the leaches!

Every promise... needs to be kept or the program scraped!  Every program should have a designed shut off based on the particulars of what is supposed to happen. If it doesn't happen... it is immediately and automatically repealed.

Simple is a powerful concept. The document to look to is just a few pages long... so everyone could understand... even the lawyers! It's called the Constitution!

Are Vaccines bad?

Sometimes it's really simple to blog... a blogger just collects up various information and repackages it! So... today I am confronted with this video... Vaccines being used to depopulate the world... funding a particular industry (face it, if vaccines were useful they'd be selling them on the street corner, not to governments) So we start here:

I'm sure most remember the "Pandemic of 09'" otherwise known as the Pharma bailout... billions of dollars for a H1N1 Flu vaccine that few people wanted for a threat that was more propaganda than science. But our government was certainly happy to pass out the money to the pharmaceutical industry. Now, in 10' they just combined the shots... I'm sure the government got a discount! (sarcasm)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The positive side to disaster...

When asked at the end of a typical interview...about all this 'doom and gloom' his standard 15 second response was... "No, my message is actually quite hopeful. I want to let people know that they can find ways to lead happy, fulfilling lives even as this doomed system crumbles all around them."

Just reading "The Five Stages of Collapse" should get one thinking. Much of what will go on... already is. I've always used the analogy of the game of monopoly... if one is familiar with the game... they lose when they run out of money. But what if the banker just printed more? The game would continue as long as the banker believed each player was credit worthy... but ultimately the banker will have every property and at that point... the players have nothing to buy stuff with...collapse! ...or they figure out the scam and get rid of the banker.

The five stages of collapse, just to be brief are.
1. Financial collapse.
2. Commercial collapse.
3. Political collapse.
4. Social collapse.
5. Cultural collapse.

I'd say we're further down the road in some than others...but if the football season were somehow affected I believe we could easily implode.

And the reasons to be hopeful.
1. Not all stages are avoidable.
2. Partial recovery after collapse is possible.
3. Relative timing of stages may vary.
4. Some places can be stabilized
5. Letting a doomed thing collapse is OK.

Need a remedy...without poisoning yourself with more chemicals?

A very interesting use of common everyday herbs and spices. What everyone should know. Twenty-two medicinal uses of common everyday spices.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank goodness for the independent media!!!

It's becoming very clear that the main stream media is corrupt. Just how corrupt... we're starting to see. Thanks to the independent media!

For the most part... the independent media these days is pretty much anyone and everyone... most people have a cell phone that can record video and a few can even simulcast that video right onto the internet! To all those that have, your doing your fellow citizens a great service.

There is a reason that freedom of the press is so important to our Republic and we all have to thank the founders for having the courage to point it out. But it's no easy task, it takes some courage to become "the press". I found that out myself when for a period of time we broadcast a internet based radio show. Just filming ourselves in a restaurant talking about our tripto Washington DC, drew the attention of the management and a very unfriendly "You can't film in here!". Understanding our libertarian roots... I can respect private property rights... so we did... but even in public, people and primarily public officials, have become ignorant about what  freedom means.

I wanted to point to a few recent videos that have come out that have made it clear that the independent media is indeed very valuable!

The first... just an average ordinary fellow... maybe a bit danger orientated.... he is in the National Guard. But never the less, we see a rather interesting thing occur... the abuse of power. Whether you understand our freedoms or not... at worst, the only thing this gentleman should have gotten is a speeding ticket. Not 10 years in jail. But that's what he was threatened with. The case has just recently been thrown out... but this gentleman might very well be in jail today had it not been for the Youtube video being spread far and wide by those who did understand.

The second is a rather interesting encounter between main stream reporters and a independent reporter. It is pretty clear that the main stream media is complicit with the crony politician running for Mayor of Chicago. Notice that they don't really want to ask any real questions. This is pretty much what happens every day the mass media has become a public relations arm of the authorities... nothing more. Sure, on occasion they'll pepper in some news to make the audience think their getting something important... but for the most part it's just one point of view... the one they want the audience to see.

The third is an individual that has a Youtube channel. If your not familiar with this story... it continues to grow... it is exposing a very ugly truth in regard to children in our Foster care system. Regardless of what the parents have done... It is clear that the main reason children are being taken from their families is not for their safety... it's money. What is amazing about this particular story is... this is not just one case... this is happening in every state, county and city in the country. This one is big... and all this time... the main stream media has ignored this story.... in every single media market. Does that give you some idea of the corruption? Despite what this may evolve into it is clear the public authorities have crossed a line beyond their authority and damaged people... especially children... and all for a few measly dollars.

The last one...the shooting of an individual at a subway station in Oakland, a person who represented no threat to police. The trial of the officer in question has transpired and he was found guilty of "Involuntary Manslaughter" but without this video it would have certainly have been swept under the carpet.

What I believe this is leading to is a whole new era of enlightenment. Of people understanding their potential and their responsibility to expose injustice wherever that may be. It truly is an opportunity to return freedom in this country to the prominence it deserves.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." Martin Luther King 1963

****Update**** Friday Oct. 15, 2010

And article appeared in the USA Today today! 'For Cops, citizen video brings increased scrutiny'. It's mentions much of what I've pointed out above and points out several even more interesting developments. Some police organizations are welcoming the scrutiny and others are apparently trying to run from it. Needless to say a worthwhile read... for the main stream. Note the argument suggesting that this could create an instant where the individual refrains from doing their job. This may be the justification for trying to make it illegal.

***Update**** Saturday Oct. 16. 2010

Yet another article seems to be echoing my admiration of the independent media. The Los Angeles Times, no less. 'WikiLeaks and 9/11: What if?' explores a very interesting idea that might just be more true than anyone in government would ever care to consider. That freedom of the press could be more important than even the Pentagon! This is the original and best 'Homeland Security' and with today's technology much more effective today than in any other time in history.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When it comes to the Art of War... those in the Pentagon don't even have Crayons

Today I read two articles that are rather encouraging. People are beginning to wise up to the charade which is "our" bankrupting foreign policy. I've always enjoyed people who have the courage to tell it like it is... and today I find two on the same subject! I thought to myself... this has got to be a sign.

Several months ago I read a book lent to me by a friend and business associate. Boyd - the fighter pilot who changed the Art of War. I must say, I was impressed by the Colonel Boyd's backbone and ability to stand up to the powers that be within the Pentagon. There was certainly a reason he never got a star pinned on his collar. He didn't play the game. He passed on in 1998 after decades of rubbing the Pentagon brass' nose in their own stupidity. There was no official hero's tribute at his funeral. I had read the Art of War... but I read it again (it's only really a outline) and found a new understanding and even a greater contempt for those who call themselves "military leaders" these days.

The first article appears on retired CIA Chief Michael Scheurer's Non-Intervention Blog entitled Bob Woodward’s Obama: Holding office trumps U.S. lives and security Reading from Woodward's book he brings to light some disturbing reasonings as well as some rather ugly truths about our military command. "There is no doubt that this generation of U.S. generals is not the stuff from which legends — or victories — are made." He also goes on..."The generals peopling Woodward’s book appear as calculating civil servants and not soldiers, and, counter-intuitively, this is most true of generals who belong to the Special Forces or other elite military units. Indeed, these men — especially Petreaus and McChrystal — seem to have no real grasp on what they are doing; no real concern about what the enemy is doing, motivated by, or how many of them U.S. troops confront; and no idea of how idiotic it is to imagine an infidel occupier can win the hearts and minds of a conservative and tribal Islamic people. One lesson of Woodward’s book is that America’s elite soldiers are equipped with too much theory and social science; too little reality and history; and too much moral cowardice to lead American armies in the field." But what is even worse is the admission that our current and more than likely past President are pretty much the same...with their last concern being the lives or hardships of the soldiers or the safety of the American people.

The second appeared on by retired Navy Commander Jeff Huber entitled "Long Warfare Theory." He explains very clearly "The single-mantra version of Sun Tzu’s philosophy is “charge downhill, not uphill.” You’d think that even cadets at West Point and Annapolis and Colorado Springs who graduate at the bottoms of their classes could retain such a short and sweet maxim and comprehend its gist. Yet the history of war is choked with case studies of generals who paid the consequences of attacking uphill when they had every opportunity in the world not to." Then goes on later "If, as prominent warmonger Lindsey Graham suggests, King David Petraeus is “our best hope,” our ship of state is already on a bow-first vector for the ocean floor. Lamentably, the state of American military wisdom is so pitiable that Petraeus may in fact be the sharpest utensil in a drawer otherwise inhabited by spoons." He then goes on to point out the corruption of the military's highest command has been more about the pursuit of money in programs and weapons programs than any coherent strategy and ends with "We have to give Lee credit for one thing: in charging uphill at Gettysburg, he was at least trying to gain a decisive victory because he knew his country didn’t have the strategic depth to fight a long war. Petraeus and his extended entourage in academia and defense think tank-dom not only want to charge straight up every hill they encounter, they want to make absolutely certain that their Long War lasts long enough to accomplish what Lee could not: the collapse of the Union"

I would like to make it clear that there is indeed hope. Although most of this retort is coming from retired military it must surely represent a growing number of leaders within that are seeing what is going on.

In 2009 retired General Paul Van Riper published an article in JFQ entitled "EBO There was no Baby in the Bathwater." He writes "The USJFCOM version of effects-based operations is a “non-idea” that survived far
too long. Not only did it undermine well founded conceptual ideas based on mission oriented command, but it also confused the U.S. military’s officer corps and diverted scarce resources and intellectual energies away from truly important issues, the most critical of which is studying insurgencies. The actual costs were significant; the opportunity costs were enormous." Van Riper was the retired General who commanded Red forces in one of the largest wargames ever commenced. Millennium Challenge 2002. In it, he demonstrated how all our technological whiz-bang gadgets and weapons can be defeated soundly with simplistic tactics and arcaic means... like using communications network comprised of hand written messages carried via motorcycle couriers. Just a note... the Pentagon's response to Millenium Challenge was to hit the reset button.

I think it's becoming very clear that in the military just like in the world most of us are part of, there are two groups. One that is who we perceive them to be, and those that hide within that group... but have nothing else in common. Unfortunately in both cases they are the leadership or mis-leadership as we may find out soon. There's probably a reason that today's politician has much more in common with psychopaths than the average American.

Colombus wasn't such a nice guy...

It's too late to get angry at Columbus... the man is long long gone. But Black Beard the pirate has nothing on Colombus when it comes to inhumanity. I don't normally gather my information from the Huffington Post... but on occasion they have to throw in a little truth or people would figure out their agenda. In this case, it's a bit of information on Columbus Day... How it became a "holiday" and some interesting facts they certainly don't reveal in the history books. I first heard this story a few years back from a local Indian chief... and it seemed impossible to be true.. I spent a Summer vacation in Spain... they were all friendly and warm people... but I, being ever curious, began to look and to my dismay find out for myself that indeed the Spanish of that era weren't so friendly after all. I'm sure... much like Americans and our many Wars today, the Spaniards of that time allowed false patriotism and faith in the government to hide the injustice. Such a shame not much has changed in 500+ years.