Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Spread the love to the uniformed...

"Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." Luke 23:34

I suppose to many...
It's easy to see the guy with the gun as the bad guy. But for those of us with guns that may not be so clear.
And to some...
It's easy to see the person in the uniform as the bad guy. They represent the force of the state to obey ...or else.

I used to be one of those that wore the uniform. And I can tell you, I knew those who held the guns and those that wore the uniform and it's not always so clear. To this day I consider nearly all of those I served with to be my brothers in an experience that fewer and fewer have the courage, patience and discipline to confront. And it is courage, patience and discipline that these individuals display when they present themselves to this system to be, potentially, ground up into nothing. So I would suggest people take the time give them the benefit of the doubt or at least try to understand. After all... they do have guns.

Just like the people we find around us, people have many reasons for doing what they do. And as we look around we can see many stupid things going on. Obviously, there's some ignorance. In a great deal of cases there's a great deal.

Update: Our interview on V-Radio (Why we need the military...)on October 5th 2011 (2 hrs)

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A rather unique experience happened to me recently when my mother presented me with a box of letters I had written while a young man in the US Army. Reading through them... I saw the naive ignorance that a 17-20 year old has... but I was also encourage by the fact that I wasn't completely oblivious to everything. I noticed the tyranny and the ignorance... I just couldn't explain it.