Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smart Meters... They're Watching You!

Not to alarm anyone but this is some pretty scary information.

No one has mentioned this to me before but the smart meters are going up all over.

Something to have a discussion over with your neighbors.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am skeptical about a great deal of things. Even those things accepted as the way things are.

Like the Ptolemaic System that seemed to explain the earth being the center of our solar system... it seemed to work... but it was wrong. I am willing to continue to learn.

There will always be a great deal to learn.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Money isn't everything... it may not even be happiness...

Two stories caught my attention this week... other than my previous blog. But both have a great deal to do with the direction in my life... away from money and toward something much more meaningful. Now, one does not pursue "happiness", "happiness" can't be a goal either... but happiness can be the result of many different activities, purposes or passions... just to name a few.

My first article points to a study conducted in New Zealand. Researchers studied the results of money vs. individualism and found people who are more autonomous... are generally much more happy than those who had money.

Money Can't Buy Happiness

The second is about where we derive most of our pleasure from...

The Pleasure of Imagination

"... the technologies of the imagination provide stimulation of a sort that is impossible to get in the real world. A novel can span birth to death and can show you how the person behaves in situations that you could never otherwise observe. In reality you can never truly know what a person is thinking; in a story, the writer can tell you."

My bottomline is finding purpose and enjoyment in everyday, every hour, every minute... if at all possible.

A Father's Day gift to All

This video speaks for itself. Ignorance is not bliss but what is used to keep people in the boxes they are assigned to. It's time to break out of these boxes and this one just might just do it for most. Because, if your boss were to come up to you... and offer to double your pay if you simply did an activity... more than likely most would certainly jump at the chance. This is what this video might just offer for you. Watch... pay attention... and learn. And bust out of the box you've been assigned to.