Friday, January 13, 2012

Income Taxes, the IRS and more scams

I think you might already have an idea where this is going.

Were you thinking Puerto Rico? The IRS is a privately owned Puerto Rican Trust!

If that doesn't get you thinking check out the 31 answers about the IRS. I've did a little digging on the IRS and other government websites and I can't find anything to refute these... It's amazing how vague the "history" of the IRS is on their website... it sure makes one wonder... 

If one reads these, there is a great deal of enlightening "Ah-Ha s" as to why things are the way they are... which lends to it's credibility. Along with the great deal of sourcing.

The following is one of my favorites - Theft by Deception

And finally, the video that first woke me up... Freedom to Fascism

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