Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Psychopath Test... Psychopaths are in control

I had heard somewhere that politicians and psychopaths have a great deal of similarities... in fact, I used it in a speech I gave... the line I repeatedly mentioned was..."and it's not just because psychopaths and politicians have so much in common"... the speech was about why I don't vote.

However, it wasn't until I happened to read an article on education that led me to a chapter 15 of the book by John Taylor Gatto "The Underground History of American Education". Chapter fifteen is titled..."The Psychopathology of Everyday Schooling". And then, in the local library, I picked up a book by Jon Ronson called the "The Psychopath Test"... these all made it clear... it was pretty obvious my sub-conscious was pointing me in a direction that I had to investigate further.

There is so much about psychology that intrigues me. It seems I have always had more than an adequate thought in my head that asked questions like "Why?"... and the biggest Why of all is ..."Why are we here?" This led me in a quest for knowledge on various fronts... but then another book opened my eyes to psychology... "A Man's Search for Meaning" by Victor Frankle. I'm not going to go into all the doors this book opened in my mind but the fact of the matter is it gave me a whole new category to think and study about. Psychology.

With all this in mind and my love for documentaries... I recently stumbled upon another piece in the puzzle that does a pretty good job of identifying a problem with our current society...The name of the documentary is called "I am a fishhead" based upon the Chinese saying that says a rotting fish starts to rot from the head.

(This is about a 75 minute presentation... but I believe it's worth the time since it does point out that there are functioning psychopaths all around us... and our environment is ripe for psychopathic and sociopathic behavior)

I am a fishead

I do have a few problems with the "solution" end of the movie. Not so much because that the solution is wrong but that the tools we have put into the psychopaths hands are so powerful... and I'm not talking about nuclear bombs... although, they have those too. (This gives me some hope actually)

The documentary does do a pretty good job of pointing out some of the realities of existing in today's world. The Pyramidic structure to our corporately structured existence is one but I don't think it goes into the whys enough... There are several control mechanisms that give these psychopaths the power to control: The monetary system, through fiat currency and people's allegiance to it;  Government and it's monopolistic and immoral use of force; Corporations as they are now established (a creation of government) and it's lack of accountability and liability; Schooling and Religion and their constant reinforcement of obedience to authority over all else also come into play. But these are all mechanisms that lead us into the current box... what is outside the box is pretty much unimaginable... but very attainable... if we just give up on letting this box we're in continue to exist.

Being kind to people is certainly nice and it's certainly is important to know that we do effect more than those directly around us. We can make a big difference.. and the power we do have the potential of wielding is much greater than one might imagine. But we need to be sure to point people in the right direction... so that a solution is more than just a good feeling as long as we stay in our little bubble. We can change the consciousness of this planet. But it's not just by smiling more at the people around us... it's shutting down the mechanisms of control that allow the psychopaths to control so many lives... so many lives that could be so much more... but are currently just limited to being cogs in a much bigger machine... that only serves to deliver greater and greater problems.

I would suggest this is a much better version of a "solution", the "Wayseer's Manifesto"

I haven't looked into the Wayseer Movement... so I'm neither advocating it or denouncing it... all I'm saying is... Enjoy life! Enjoy your life! Don't be afraid to go your own way... Don't be afraid to chase your dreams... Don't be afraid of what excites you, your mind, your spirit... your heart.

Have a great day...and thanks for taking the time!

Additional Note:

I did look into the Wayseer Movement a little more and I have some reservations. So just to be clear that I'm not supporting anything more than just a message of bringing about the joy in life and taking control of it versus being  controlled I present this counter-view of the Wayseers. Remember, thinking for yourself is important!

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