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Disaster Fascism – the latest model of the “Final Solution”

With understanding comes innovation. Simple ideas are to be treasured. Short and sweet is certainly a goal when it comes to communicating ideas to others. So, it is the author’s intention is to be as brief as possible while adequately outlining the idea.

Disaster Fascism is, by the author’s definition, the next version of the Keynesian model of economics. The corporate-state mechanism’s justification to right the ship in their economic model and provide the rational for the elimination of the majority of the population on the planet via economic incentives. Not being an economist,  the author may be pushing the boundaries of his or her understanding but regardless of the pieces of papers they’ve gathered or the letters next to their name,  this idea is put forth.

As advocates for freedom we are up against what I would consider a new iteration of the same old idea. Whether man will control destiny from a rigid authoritarian structure or will it come from the unknown. Will a man become the God over his domain or will society remain subordinate to something greater. Those who would control have been at this game for a long time and the current reality we live in is certainly a result of the construct that has been put in place over the past several hundred years. Understanding this control mechanism is really the key to determining the future. Whether it will trend toward a man-God or that we accept that we don’t really know and because of this… there must exist something greater beyond our current understanding. Whether one calls it God or enlightenment is not my concern.

It has been said that ‘War is the health of the state.’ Well, I would propose that a new model is taking shape: Disaster is the new health of the state. And whether man made, semi-man made or natural. It will be the mechanism to justify the next version of what the Nazis called “The Final Solution”.
With mountains of debt being created from the current economic model there are really two choices to be made… one is to let the system blow up, which it will ultimately do when the numbers become absolutely ludicrous, or extinguish the creditor and eliminate the liabilities. Criminals certainly understand that when one is indebted to another there are two ways to solve the problem… pay up or kill the one they owe. It’s my suggestion that disaster fascism is the rational for the later. And just as the Nazis created a financial reward and justification for eliminating a portion of their society (they are not alone… statists have done this countless times) our newest version will provide plenty of financial reward for eliminating the creditors. And it is my belief this will be accomplished via the disaster model.

Keynesian broken window model -  Keynesians are not unhappy to see disaster… in fact, they see it as a plus. Just ask a Keynesian to describe WWII or the latest disaster in economic terms and I’m sure one will get the understanding of how logic can be twisted by the education system to create professionals so utterly ignorant. This twisted logic serves as a further justification in the minds of those ‘at the top’ to adopt disaster fascism.

The Art of War – Is one of the oldest books in regard to military strategy. Its strength is in its brevity in explaining the true nature of war and how to accomplish one’s objectives in the most efficient manner. Although perceived strength is a component, it is ultimately deception that is the most important component of warfare. Thus, if the enemy is deceived into believing the opposing force’s strength is a weakness. They will probably lose the day when conflict arises. However, the ultimate general is one that obtains his objective without unsheathing his swords and thus  the greatest deception is deceiving the enemy to the extent that the objective is so concealed that the enemy willingly relinquishes it without a fight. This, I believe is the basic strategy being used against the enemy of control, freedom and those who represent it.

Emotion as a control mechanism - It was Edward Bernays that took wartime propaganda and turned it into “Public Relations”. Since then consumerism has run on a very simple concept of tying products to feelings. Over the last century people disposed of their logical objections to indebtedness and justified ‘buy now pay later’. It is clear appeal to emotion has become a distinct method of control. Not only the commercialized version of love but fear as well. This ties well into the method of disaster fascism. Disasters are sold via the emotional appeal to help the victims while the logic of the actual act and method of helping is downplayed. In addition fear is used to shape and shift the crowd.  The bigger and more horrible the disaster, the bigger the appeal to the emotion and the greater opportunity to deceive for those in control.

Global Warming/Carbon Tax model - In any war there is the need for a perceived enemy. One that justifies heroic sacrifice. Global Warming or Climate change serves this purpose well and the ideal of taxing carbon is yet another justification for welcoming disaster fascism. Eliminating carbon producers will be considered a good thing!

New and old weapons of mass destruction – manipulation of weather, man-made financial disasters, pharmaceuticals and immunization, radiation, starvation through nutritional deprivation, population control and perception management. This list is far from complete but I hope the point comes across. While people perceive, fear and prepare for what appears to be the greatest threat their ability to resist is diminished. Once again referring back to the art of war, understanding deception is key to understanding the real weapons and strength of the enemy. 

As I stated in the beginning, my interest is to get my point across in brief manner. Several topics I’d like to discuss further and incorporate into this discussion at some point in the future are:

  • Short term growth and destruction of long term liabilities
  • New/old model of military intervention – the martial law model
  • Emotional appeal – ‘kill them with kindness’
  • Trans-humanism – Eugenics and Darwinism’s next evolution
  • Divide and Conquer - creating two sides and inviting each to chose one.
  • Control of destiny is the ultimate goal regardless if it’s a pipe dream
  • Entrepreneurs in a new paradigm
  • Zombies as a euphemism

Based on this understanding and information what can we do?

It is my belief that a great deal of what we fear is created to deceive. That one must evaluate the battlefield for one’s mind in detail as well as understand the motives of the real enemy. From this I think some conclusions can be drawn.

  • Don’t be a liability or draw attention to your wealth in regard to the US government, in particular, or any government. If you’re getting a government check, a pension, are going to get a check in the future or you have a retirement nest egg, you are a liability or a golden goose to the government. Beware.

  • Define yourself by your abilities and your principles over possessions and appearances and forgo the money for growth of character, knowledge and cooperation.

  • Be generous with what you have. Share it with others.

  • Develop one’s ability to use logic and reason as well as the ability to communicate to facilitate groups. Family, associations, fraternity, etc…  safety is in numbers and understanding.
  • Continue to dig for truth and be willing to represent it. Be trustworthy and demand trustworthiness above all else when it comes to dealing with others.

  • Practice and preach the non-aggression principle in the form most agreeable to your community and most importantly to the young. Strive to demonstrate voluntary agreement and associations as the most productive.

  • Consider usefulness and impact above comfort or desire when acquiring things.

  • Value cooperation and respect. Give it as much as possible.

  • Although we’ve been conditioned to the idea of War and to constantly be ready to defend our positions, keep in mind the true Art of War. To deliver the objective without a fight. In this regard, if the nature of our desire is genuine we don’t have to deceive. We can dismantle the paradigm as long as we understand there will always be those weak minds who will attempt deceive.

  • Also take note that fiat money, government sovereign authority and many other things are illusions created and perpetuated in our minds. They don’t need to be defeated, just exposed for what they are.

This isn’t an all-encompassing list but just some conclusions the author has come to. I’m sure others can be drawn and I’d welcome the suggestions and discussion.

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