Monday, December 31, 2012

A Crack Dealer on every Corner: The Modern Food Supply

If there was a crack dealer on every corner in America... you'd probably have some real reservations about the future. Unfortunately, we do have crack dealers on every corner... they're called "fast food" and "chain" restaurants and grocery stores. The food being sold appears to be food but actually has a much different purpose than most might even consider. Like crack, it's made to give the eater a euphoric sensation that will train them to return for more. Nutrition is not necessarily a concern. As people's diets rely more and more on this prepared and packaged food... it's likely malnutrition is soon to follow. It's a new form of starvation. 
Starvation has been a political weapon for many centuries... this is just the latest twist. People think they're eating food... but it's only an addictive food substitute that leads to premature death and disease.
The following videos will certainly give you the basics of my argument.
  How Fast Food is Designed for Addiction and Obesity

Are Food Chemicals Killing You?

Controlling Our Food: A Documentary on GMOs

Today's Modern Food: It's not what you Think

The "Embalmation" of a Nation

You can find numerous other videos and movies on problems in the food supply, GMOs, chemicals in food and something called "Codex Alimentarius". Removing control of health food, nutrients and vitamins from the mass population.

This is far from the entire story. Our food supply has been compromised and it is being used as a concealed biological weapon. The fact that the unfunded liabilities of the US government could be in the hundreds of trillions and mostly owed to baby boomers who will eventually retire. If those persons were to get sick and die before becoming recipients of the system, millions in liabilities per person could be eliminated. If each head is worth $1,000,000, then killing off 1 million people eliminates $1 trillion in liabilities.Certainly it's easy to see the motivation.

Hideous, but if one looks back in history it's been done numerous times before. It's not the exception, it's the rule. The British in places like India, Australia and South Africa in the late 1800's, the Americans and Canadians with the native American populations, Turks, Germans, Soviets, Chinese, Japanese and many others in the 20th century. All used starvation as a weapon very effectively killing tens of millions. Eliminating people with very little resistance and  judging by what the average person knows about it... it is clearly a weapon the victors have kept out of the spot light for a reason.

Here's a little example of the story how using mass killings was justified. What's wrong with Darwin's Evolution? Scientific Racism. How large groups of unwanted populations were eliminated.(28:35 measuring skulls... the smallest skulls "not even human"... Americans) The last 3 minute summary gives a good quick synopsis (56:00 on)

Today, the situation is a bit different. With over 100+ years of research and development, it's possible to starve people without the ugliness. In the modern version people eat what they think is food and continue to produce wealth that can be siphoned off through the medical system as the starvation and malnutrition slowly destroys their bodies. In the old days, if a population was occupying a piece of land that had resources the elite desired, starvation was a very effective way of eliminating any claims to the land... now, as people wither away and as their failing health leads them to the expensive medical system... their wealth, their home, their retirement, and anything else of value is removed. If one looks into the Agenda 21 land use plan for the United States, the intention is to reclaim 95% of the land for wilderness. To the elite, the resources of the land are much more valuable than the "human resource".

As Darwinism was used to justify Eugenicist movement and their ill treatment of "inferior" races. Our masses in America have become "useless eaters", "zombies", "sheeple" to the ruling elite. It's much easier to justify genocide when the victims are dehumanized and turned into pests to be eradicated.

They were wrong in the 19th and 20th Century and it's high time we wake up to the game that is going on.

*** Update****
A video I was sent that addresses many of the concerns people associate with food.

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