Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Modern Health-care "The Horror!": Part One: What if HIV/AIDS didn't exist?

For those who recall the ending of the movie "Apocalypse Now", Marlon Brando as Col. Walter E. Kurtz mutters his last words "The horror, the horror". At the time the movie was described as a commentary on modern warfare and American interventionism. The movie was based on Joseph Conrad's "The Heart of Darkness" which main character dies with the same utterance. The book was described as a commentary on British colonialism in Africa and a peak into the darkness of the human psyche. The horror is the enlightenment to the truth... I would expand that horror to include what has become our modern "Health-care" system.

This is a series and my first example of the horror is the AIDS epidemic.

What if, the leadership at CDC, fearing that it would be shut down due to a lack of necessity created the HIV/AIDS "disease" to keep the bureaucracy going, to guarantee job security for it's staff and use fear to extract billions?

It might sound like a irrational and surprising question, but it may be very close to the truth. A government agency that is patterned after the defense department (Another agency that has spent a great deal of money combating threats that they aiding in creating) may have taken up the banner of government. "If there isn't a problem, create one!"

I don't expect anyone to take my word for it, I have compiled a few long videos to review in regard to the HIV/AIDS "disease", I believe it will become very clear that this "epidemic" was a propaganda bonanza for bureaucrats... there is some very solid evidence that there was no AIDS disease. Pharmaceutical companies as well as many others profited from the proliferation of the fear. The deaths resulted from misdiagnosis, the treatments themselves and even the system actually purposefully killing people to further the fear and drum up more money. The horror indeed!

Prepare yourself, the truth isn't always readily apparent, but then sometimes it exists right under our noses but we refuse to look at it probably because of the horror. The following videos may take four or so hours to view... and probably a few days or weeks to reflect upon... but I think it's worth it to realize the Truth. It's not pretty.

John 8:32 "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

House of Numbers

HIV=AIDS: Fact of Fraud

Statistician John Lauritsen on the AIDS fraud (Skip to 7:00 to start of interview)

The Greatest Medical Fraud in History- The Pain, Profit and Politics of AIDS by Gary Null

The Aids Myth and Deception, the Real Disease is Malnutrition and Drugs

It might be hard to imagine the rational of people to concoct such a mechanism and then perpetuate it. I doubt that most do understand or have the courage to confront the reality of the system. The doctors and nurses justify their existence and role as soldiers do in battle... fighting for the right side. Col. Kurtz's monologue gives us a clue into the thinking and rationalization of those at the top who make the cursed decisions.

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