Friday, January 14, 2011

Non-Violent Communication: A new old language

I was recently introduced to this from a podcast I've been following for a few months called School Sucks Podcast. Investigating further led me to another liberty advocate podcast called Complete Liberty. After listening to the podcasts, watching the numerous hours of videos on Youtube and acquiring several books on the subject I am convinced this is a very valuable method that can really translate into resolving things that we would have otherwise called impossible.

Marshall Rosenberg is the man behind the method. The following is an interview with him. 

What makes this so eye opening to me is the experience I had in trying to get the message of Liberty out to my family, friends, neighbors and associates. The resistance was amazing and as I talked to other fellow liberty lovers, comparing our "war stories", it was certainly a common problem.  Needless to say, the message was powerful but the message was caged by the barriers of our communication methods (the one's we're all taught in school and the media) and little did I know how much I was contributing to the disconnect.

After learning more about the methods and foundation of our education system from Brett at School Sucks, I was ready to hear new methods of education and communication. This just blew me away. Not only does it represent a way to communicate the message I'd like to get to others but it also is a method that brings people together, that solves age old problems and gives me an entirely different perspective and inspiration. I am very excited about aggressively confronting people now on issues that would just make me angry before! I can finally communicate with people I may not agree with! It's amazing!

2011 may be a very tough year economically but this method of communication might just sweep this nation, and the world for that matter, with a wave of a real change of heart and mind! We can be the ones to not just stop conflicts but resolve them!

The following is a NVC training seminar. (22 videos in all)

Some of the things you might catch onto from this... Never hear an insulting word again. Learn how to enjoy someone else's pain (not in a sadistic sense). Turn anger into an alarm clock. People only say one of two things whenever they talk.

I know this is long but if you do take the time I'm confident you will be rewarded for your time with some techniques that will open up a whole new world of possibilities.

NVC: Anger and Domination Systems

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