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World War III: Financial Collapse: Blueprint for Conquest

This is the information every single person needs to understand. It is indeed an involved blog, it's taken me quite some time to collect all this into one spot (the final piece I found thanks to someone, see the credits below) but I am convinced it's a resource people can use to educate themselves as well as others on the method being used against all people. To digest all the content is probably about a five hour commitment.

So, I've broken this into three parts which I hope will also be helpful. The first is the long story. Three documentaries describing in detail how the central banks work at waging a economic war against a nation or a government. The second is some time savers. Three short examples that even children could understand. We do need the kids on our side! These could also be great conversation starters. Finally, the third part is some decentralized non-governmental solutions to rebuild communities.

For those of us in the United States, this may all sound rather far off, after all, these are third world countries. Well, it's happening here in the US too. The corruption of politicians and the amassing of public and private debt has grown greater in the United States than anywhere else. We are one of the last and biggest targets. In addition, the fact that the United States has four tiers of government means they can pillage people as they corrupt one sector or another. Whether that be cities and municipalities, counties, states and of course, our federal government.

Part One: The Story of how Economic War is waged.

These documentaries are quite revealing of the method the financial aristocracy use to take down countries. Take heed,  this has happen and continues to happen all over the world with most of the countries. If you look to Europe's latest problems, modern countries like Iceland, Greece, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and even the United States. This pattern can be superimposed right over what has happen all over.This is the new method of destruction. Not only destruction of the will of the people but the environment, the resources and the structure of society.

I would suggest is this IS World War III but it is not like the first two, fought with soldiers, tanks and fighter planes. It's an economic War with it's weapons of mass destruction being debt, corruption and secrecy. The results are the same... domination and control. Certainly people die. But it's not from bullets and bombs... it's starvation, crime, suicide, disease and lack of proper medical attention.

The following video highlights one example in the Philippines. (52 min)

The second is Argentina, a much more wealthy Westernized economy with a large middle class similar to the United States. Over a period of 20 years it was dismantled by the debt and corruption. (110 min)

This is clearly the plan for the United States. The de-industrialization, control of the media , mass illegal immigration, the devastation of the middle class, and the bailouts by the government of the financial interests. All have happen and continue to happen. And you will note one key word... "Austerity".

What needs to be clear is treason is not an occasional occurrence. It is the rule. It's people's allegiance to fiat money above all else that is their weakness (see my blog on The Cult of the Paper Idol) and those at the top are put there because they are the weakest of all! These are the people who we see everyday promoted as the political elite. It needs to be clear, these people, that have run our country and others into the ground have committed fraud. They are responsible for the disaster and the debt. Not the people. Doctrine of Odious Debts.

And finally Jamaica.

"Life And Debt" Globalization in Jamaica (86 min)

These are just three examples, there are numerous others. As I stated earlier there are numerous examples in Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia... all perpetrated by the same group. Those that control the fiat currencies and credit. These blood sucking rodents need to be exposed and those who answer to them as well.

Time Savers: Economic Warfare explained in only a few minutes.

A few brief, creative explanations of how the World Bank and IMF wage War. Even the kids could understand!

Economic Hitmen (2 min)

Banked into Submission and Globalization - The Pinky Show (6 min)

World Bank "Bloodsuckers" Public Relations (12 min)

World Bank PR Bloodsuckers (2005) from Justin McIntosh on Vimeo.

Part Three: Rebuilding the Community

Some of the things that can be done and lessons learned.

From Argentina: Surviving without money (20min)

I have put together a blog on Time Banks on my other blog.

There is also several organizations that promote Micro-lending. This is one about Kiva. (8 min)

The credit for the Argentinian information goes to quiltingsando's post on the DailyPaul.

Argentina: Surviving without Money

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