Sunday, January 2, 2011

People are so gullible...

But that's what they've been trained to be.

Would anybody go to work if their boss didn't have anything to give them in exchange for their time?

In reality that's the truth... the ones at the top want to give up anything of value... so they've convinced people to believe what is imaginary is valuable. And as the level of how ridiculous this is has grown, the ridiculous nature of the exchange has only increased exponentially.

And so today, I'm going to try and explain the web of lies and deceit that make up our existence as I've come to understand it. Why things that have real value... like food, trust, respect, kindness, personal security, etc.. continue to be corrupted with more and more questionable quality while things that have no value are elevated higher and higher.

I don't want to see the day people are eating their own shit... and happily paying through the nose for it. That may very well be where we are headed... if not there already.

People have been fooled. And as one rises in this perceived structure of success, the only truth that can be told is... the one's that are held high as "success stories" are only bigger fools. Which is certainly not something people would like to admit.

Now let's start with a flaw. We all have this flaw but few recognize it. This is the basis for education, medicine, law, money... etc. to condition people to be obedient to accept whatever the authorities say is true as truth.

From this flaw the one's who knew better used it to exploit their position. This might have been out of greed or lust for power... but then again, it might have been out of necessity. Needless to say, they've created a system that reinforces it.

"The public school system is not neutral. It's either for domestication or freedom." ~Joao Coutinho

The school system isn't the only mechanism. But under scrutiny, which few would think to do... (after all... it's for the kids...) it's one that certainly can be demystified.

I'm not sure who said this but truths don't have to be repeated. It's self evident. However, untruth or things of questionable nature have to be repeated to be believed. Thus, these things have to have maintenance. They have to be constantly repeated. And being that the ones at the top have the magic to create something for nothing that people have been taught to believe is valuable. They can put people to work and create industries to maintain the lies and deceit. But this power only corrupts and the wise ones, through fear or lust for power... are driven to demand more and more. Yet it's only more unsatisfying because the truth remains available. If this sounds hard to believe consider this tale.

Imagine that an individual is stranded on an island with a group of others... the one we focus on is not the strongest or the most valuable and to survive, but the one that understands they have to rely on the others. We'll call him Mayer. Mayer does however notice a opportunity that can be exploited. That the rest want answers to questions no one knows the answer to. So Mayer starts cleverly providing answers weaved out of his own imagination. However, over time, while everyone does the necessary work to survive, and our Mayer does little, it starts to becomes obvious to those working that they are doing all the work... Thus Mayer, who isn't really doing anything (other than creating myths and understanding that without the cooperation of the others they won't survive) has to concoct another story. He begins to weave doubts into the minds of the others and pit them against each other. He concocts unattainable expectations and roles that can't ever be realized. In the minds of the others the message is... they are imperfect and full of faults. They need the wisdom of the Mayer!

So they begin policing each other. Busily looking over each others shoulders instead of scrutinizing Mayer. This certainly seems perfect for Mayer! Yet the level of how foolish they are at accepting their roles only makes them less and less respectable in the eyes of the one creating the myths (...after all who would respect a grown man that believes in Santa Claus). Being that his myths might be discovered as untrue Mayer must also look for those that are smart enough to figure out what is going on. The smart one's are a danger in the eyes of Mayer.

So the smart one's of the group, once they understand or start to understand... have to be even more clever. They have to un-weave the untruths. And reveal the truth slowly... otherwise they will surely be the target. They also have to be weary of the others turning them in or seeing them as threats. Once conformity becomes the norm, not conforming becomes obvious.

So, back in our reality, the myth makers are the ones at the top of the pyramid they have created the illusion of reality. The lies and myths have continued to get more and more ridiculous as the level of their control appears to be more and more powerful. The truth is... it is all a house of cards. Centered on those things they repeat.

Freedom means breaking loose from all the repetition and confronting the fears that no one wants to confront. The worst fear is... that they have been fooled.

But as to whose right and whose wrong... who am I to judge?

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