Monday, January 31, 2011

Sovereign Immunity

Let's start with some fun...What is this word "Sovereign" Mr. President?

Not withstanding the boobs we call politicians intelligence, there's something important that I would consider a scam as large as the current monetary system and the Federal Reserve.It's something that is as old as the Divine Right of Kings. Something called Sovereign Immunity. The King can do no wrong!

In the United States, the Federal, State, and Local governments claim Sovereign Immunity and the people who represent the government bodies shield themselves from criminal prosecution or liability with it as well. It is the cornerstone of modern government and I would contend, without it, we might actually have a government accountable to the people.

Get rid of the the concept and people won't be very willing to grow government. In fact, government may not be that appealing at all. When people have to be responsible for their actions, they'll just be happy to represent themselves.

"Sovereign immunity is one of the most dangerous concepts to freedom. And the larger and more powerful governments become, the more sovereign immunity becomes a black hole where citizens’ rights can vanish" James Bovard, March 2003 Government's License to Inflict Injustice

Julian Burnside: Sovereign Immunity and Invading Nations
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