Saturday, January 12, 2013

Modern Medicine "The Horror" Part Four: Cancer is Curable

Yes! The horror continues... Part Four. Cancer. A disease so rare at the turn of the 20th century that doctors would travel across the country to study it...

Sometimes a simple truth is... most people like you only because what you can do for them... it's unfortunate that the medical profession has embraced this like no other.

Somewhere around 572,000 people died of Cancer in 2011 according to the American Cancer Society. A great deal of these deaths were preventable. In other words, the medical system kills the vast majority of Cancer patients. Why? Because it pays. The financial incentives are so lucrative that those in the system who understand choose to look the other way. And for the most part everyone else is ignorant. Cancer is just one more example.

Cancer is a Serious Business

 Cancer is a big business in other ways too. Companies that's products might actually contributing to the disease practice a slight of hand by promoting Cancer awareness and Cancer research that never looks to the causes... just a "cure". The pink ribbon campaign is the most recognizable. But any look into the methods, the players or the organizations themselves will find this is nothing more than a well executed propaganda campaign.

Pink Ribbon Inc. (Preview) - This movie is currently available on Netflix.

The Beautiful Truth
The story of a boy's discovery of the industry behind Cancer and a simple cure.

Dr. Mary's Monkey, a very interesting story of Dr. Mary Sherman, a Cancer researcher that was killed under very suspicious circumstances and led to a much bigger story. Cancer's link to the Polio vaccine. (SV40)

This is by far less than an all encompassing look at Cancer... there is a great deal more information. But the evidence certainly points in a very nasty direction. One really has to wonder what the life expectancy would be if we didn't have a medical industry that preys on people in their weakest state.

Diet has a great deal to do with health. American's typical diet has a great deal to do with the continued explosion of diseases like Cancer.  One in particular that seems to find it's way into practically every food processed in the United States. High-Fructose Corn Syrup. A recent study found HFCS is food  for Cancer. It's quite frightening to contemplate that the average American consumes about 40 lbs. of this stuff a year.

In conclusion, I'll say to do your own investigation. There is a great deal of evidence on the internet as well as a great deal of misinformation. I have spent many years contemplating the various information and the ramifications...and it hasn't been pleasant but for those who want to know I'd say it's worth the effort to convince yourself of the danger and then take the necessary action for the ones you love.


Study accidentally exposes chemotherapy as fraud

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