Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Modern Medicine "The Horror" Part Three: Vaccines

It's very easy to just go along to get along and the medical system uses that to be profitable. Vaccines are a perfect example.

Just try to have children and not vaccinate them. Especially for a newborn. You might end up with the police knocking at your door or taking that child... but the abusers are not those that choose not to vaccinate but those who do... unknowingly. Again, most of this has to do with money.

There are a great deal of incentives to just play along with the system, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, even the medical people have an incentive to continue... but for the individual or the parent, one really has to do their homework to understand what is really going on.

The following videos will give the viewer much more information than I can impart in a few paragraphs. I know it's an investment in time but isn't your health, the health of  your family and friends worth it? Please give it 20 minutes... if it doesn't make sense... so be it.

Shoot Em' Up: The Dangers of Vaccines (1hr 26 min)

Vaccines: The True Weapons of Mass Destruction (1hr 26 min)

Dr. Len Horowitz on the Dangers of Vaccines (28 min)

Vaccines: The Toxic Truth (56 min)

Dr. Mary's Monkey, a very interesting story of Dr. Mary Sherman, a Cancer researcher that was killed under very suspicious circumstances and led to a much bigger story... including Cancer's link to the Polio vaccine. (2 hr. 20 min.)

I wish I could tell you there is some vaccines that work... and maybe there is... but in every case I've looked into, it has been very clear that vaccines don't actually do what they have promised. Most of the improvements in public health have to do with things like improvements in sanitation, refrigeration, roads, drainage, pest control and nutrition.

An article describing how vaccines are effectively described as a hoax by the government officials themselves..

Finally some graphs to explain it visually.

The first graph demonstrates how things like infrastructure improvements and nutritional improvements was already reducing disease dramatically.

 This second graph demonstrates how the growth of Cancer, heart disease and other "diseases" have more than made up for the reduction in traditional diseases. Take note that things like Cancer have connections to vaccines and the cures that have been discovered are being ignored by modern medicine.
 Finally, we have a combined graph that demonstrate that vaccine producers took advantage of a trend already in motion.


German Study of 8,000 Children finds vaccinated children have two to five times as many diseases as unvaccinated.

Yesterday, listening to a news report of the flu "epidemic" crossing the US. The report focuses on the funeral of a 14 year old girl... at the end they quietly mention she had been vaccinated. The propaganda campaign is relentless.

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