Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year! May you live 2013 with your Eyes Open!

Here are five lessons for 2013.

First, the basis for being free is knowledge. Without knowledge, the ignorant are easily fooled.

"If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization,  
it expects what never was and never will be."- Thomas Jefferson 

In ancient society the education of a free man was the Seven Arts or the Seven Arts of a Liberal Education (liberal as in "free man"). The first three of those arts is called the Trivium. Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric which used to be the basis for an elementary education prior to public education introduced in the late 19th Century. It rests upon the shoulders of individuals today to rediscover this education and unlearn the illogical nature of a "modern" education.
An easy first step to introducing someone to just how corrupted our society is... is to examine logical fallacies (lies). If one looks, one will find logical fallacies everywhere... "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me"(Once someone lies to you, they have given you fair warning). Most commercials have numerous fallacies, as well as, tv shows, movies, news, magazines and even how people interact. Once a person starts to realize this they have the basis to understand who to trust and who not to... a very valuable lesson.

The Fallacy Project (Several examples of fallacies in commercials)

Second, a significant portion of politicians and authority figures are what some would call "Psychopaths"... and most of the rest have something so ugly in their past that they are easily controlled... with one or two exceptions, of course.

Identifying different Psychopaths

Spotting Psychopath (Remember what I said about Psychiatrists in my previous post... be skeptical but be aware that there are people who are naturally manipulative and uncaring)

Third, what we perceive as "our" government isn't. People are easily controlled and those who are willing to cheat and steal at the highest levels usually get away with it (HSBC caught laundering billions in drug money recently gets off "to big to jail"). It's a rather nasty self-perpetuating system and as long as we let it continue, it will only continue until they get their hands on enough nuclear weapons and think it would be a good idea to use them.
Bill Cooper worked within the intelligence community. He understood what was going on. A rather enlightening look at where our society was going from 1990. Was he right?

Behold the Pale Horse

Fourth, if you recall Hitler's "Final Solution"... that idea didn't die with him, it's alive and well, just re-labeled. Eugenics or scientific racism, had to change it's name after WWII... now they call it "Trans-humanism" and it's widely accepted in places like Washington DC and the UN in New York. One of the most recognizable faces who has gone public with his pitch for Trans-humanism is Newt Gingrich. (One who should certainly be considered a "Psychopath") If you want to get a little peak into why things continue to go in such an odd direction... this will probably give you a very good idea.

The Age of Transition (No, this isn't a joke)

Finally, to wrap this all up, where is the control room for all of this? The simple answer is those who control the money. This isn't very easy because most of these people tend to keep themselves out of the spot light, they can create and destroy billionaires as well as politicians at a whim if they so desire. However, the mechanism for doing it is right under our noses... it's the simple slips of paper we accept as money. It cost the same to print a $100 bill as it does to print a $1 bill. But for someone who owns the printing press... money is no object, everyone has their price... as long as the money is accepted. Up until 1913 our currency was backed by gold and silver, there was a limit on how much could be printed which meant it retained value. Today, the money is just created and it's people's ignorance that allows it to continue to be value... it's an illusion.
The simplest of introductions to fiat currency is a animated cartoon called Money as Debt

Debt as Money

If one understands the control and dispersal of debt. One understands that all the perceived ills of the world, hunger, crime, environment degradation, wars, etc... all come from the misallocation of resources by those who issue debt. Imagine, if you can easily get a loan to open a lumber mill but you can't get a loan to recycle paper into lumber... you're going to open a lumber mill. This is how the control mechanism works.

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