Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why 9/11 doesn't matter...

Quite a tantalizing title... If just those few words get's your temperature rising then your the person I'm after and I'm hoping more than a few will take notice. It has been brought to my attention and despite my feeling that 9/11 was an important event... it pales in comparison to something that matters much more.

 This subject is best covered by the following podcast... and although I had my doubts at the beginning, by the end, I had to agree that indeed I had missed something very important. This could also be applied to many of the issues facing us... from Global Warming, to Chemtrails, to the financial "crisis", to GMOs, to fluoride, to the Wars, to why our children seem to be more and more "rebellious" and so on... all are secondary to something that each of us has experienced and most likely has affected us personally. If you spent 12 years in the education system... you may have not noticed, but each one of us was indoctrinated to it.

It's very easy to detect. Just say something controversial... and if you can see it in another person's eyes... the emotion boiling up... they have it! We've been conditioned to remain in the boxes set out for us and we've even been conditioned to keep ourselves within those boxes by a simple method of emotional attachment. It's why people now never discuss religion or politics in "civilized" settings.But more importantly it's why people are willing to be fooled.

This is an hour and a half podcast... and if you feel yourself getting upset by the discussion... then more than likely it's the emotional attachment we've been trained to use as our security blanket exposing itself... but I'd suggest biting your lip and pressing on... it's that important.

Edward Bernays is the one given the most credit for creating the emotional appeal that we see in every commercial but the depth to the penetration of daily life is truly astounding and it all begins with the system of education we've been exposed to. It was developed in Prussia (now mainly Germany) but the idea was to create a class of workers and soldiers willing to mindlessly obey. If you wonder why so many people...or sheeple, as some like to refer to the masses, can't help but ignore the blatantly obvious... like the lies politicians tell... then you may want to learn more about how and why our system of education conditions people to be good little robots.

Stephan Molyneux explains how the few control the many

What is unfortunate is when people really look into the mirror, most find they live in fear. Fear of retribution for not being obedient, fear of not being one of the group, fear of not being respected, fear of not being loved.
Love is the absence of fear. And so most people when they realize they do have blood on their hands, that they have aided the state in murder, theft and the use of force, and when they don't understand what love is... and have been taught that they cannot trust... they simply choose what they know, ignorance.

I will begin with myself. To know better and to throw off the ignorance and irresponsibility I have allowed myself to accept. To be a critical thinker and to understand when talking to others that until they feel I'm am not a threat and I see value in them, I will rarely be able to communicate at the level necessary to have a understanding.

The future is bright with some effort!

Update: The following podcast is along the same lines but brings a bit of a different approach. If you've seen the 18 yr old valedictorian speech,pointing out the harm of public education, he covers it, but more importantly he discusses another reason behind the reasons we do what we do and the actions we take. "Filling the hole" we all have... very insightful!

One of the most helpful presentations ever given on foreign relations I've ever seen

The Shadows of Power: The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline from Frank on Vimeo.

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