Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Are Vaccines bad?

Sometimes it's really simple to blog... a blogger just collects up various information and repackages it! So... today I am confronted with this video... Vaccines being used to depopulate the world... funding a particular industry (face it, if vaccines were useful they'd be selling them on the street corner, not to governments) So we start here:

I'm sure most remember the "Pandemic of 09'" otherwise known as the Pharma bailout... billions of dollars for a H1N1 Flu vaccine that few people wanted for a threat that was more propaganda than science. But our government was certainly happy to pass out the money to the pharmaceutical industry. Now, in 10' they just combined the shots... I'm sure the government got a discount! (sarcasm)

This should open some eyes... Vitamins... in particular Vitamin D (you get it from the sun - that they can't charge anyone for) is much more effective at preventing the flu than vaccine.

And unfortunately, that bad stuff in the vaccines... maybe actually damaging children the most.

And guess what happens when you inject mercury (thimerisol)into one's blood stream

If you've made it this far... congratulations! Knowledge is Potential Power... but ignorance can be deadly!

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