Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Thank goodness for the independent media!!!

It's becoming very clear that the main stream media is corrupt. Just how corrupt... we're starting to see. Thanks to the independent media!

For the most part... the independent media these days is pretty much anyone and everyone... most people have a cell phone that can record video and a few can even simulcast that video right onto the internet! To all those that have, your doing your fellow citizens a great service.

There is a reason that freedom of the press is so important to our Republic and we all have to thank the founders for having the courage to point it out. But it's no easy task, it takes some courage to become "the press". I found that out myself when for a period of time we broadcast a internet based radio show. Just filming ourselves in a restaurant talking about our tripto Washington DC, drew the attention of the management and a very unfriendly "You can't film in here!". Understanding our libertarian roots... I can respect private property rights... so we did... but even in public, people and primarily public officials, have become ignorant about what  freedom means.

I wanted to point to a few recent videos that have come out that have made it clear that the independent media is indeed very valuable!

The first... just an average ordinary fellow... maybe a bit danger orientated.... he is in the National Guard. But never the less, we see a rather interesting thing occur... the abuse of power. Whether you understand our freedoms or not... at worst, the only thing this gentleman should have gotten is a speeding ticket. Not 10 years in jail. But that's what he was threatened with. The case has just recently been thrown out... but this gentleman might very well be in jail today had it not been for the Youtube video being spread far and wide by those who did understand.

The second is a rather interesting encounter between main stream reporters and a independent reporter. It is pretty clear that the main stream media is complicit with the crony politician running for Mayor of Chicago. Notice that they don't really want to ask any real questions. This is pretty much what happens every day the mass media has become a public relations arm of the authorities... nothing more. Sure, on occasion they'll pepper in some news to make the audience think their getting something important... but for the most part it's just one point of view... the one they want the audience to see.

The third is an individual that has a Youtube channel. If your not familiar with this story... it continues to grow... it is exposing a very ugly truth in regard to children in our Foster care system. Regardless of what the parents have done... It is clear that the main reason children are being taken from their families is not for their safety... it's money. What is amazing about this particular story is... this is not just one case... this is happening in every state, county and city in the country. This one is big... and all this time... the main stream media has ignored this story.... in every single media market. Does that give you some idea of the corruption? Despite what this may evolve into it is clear the public authorities have crossed a line beyond their authority and damaged people... especially children... and all for a few measly dollars.

The last one...the shooting of an individual at a subway station in Oakland, a person who represented no threat to police. The trial of the officer in question has transpired and he was found guilty of "Involuntary Manslaughter" but without this video it would have certainly have been swept under the carpet.

What I believe this is leading to is a whole new era of enlightenment. Of people understanding their potential and their responsibility to expose injustice wherever that may be. It truly is an opportunity to return freedom in this country to the prominence it deserves.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly." Martin Luther King 1963

****Update**** Friday Oct. 15, 2010

And article appeared in the USA Today today! 'For Cops, citizen video brings increased scrutiny'. It's mentions much of what I've pointed out above and points out several even more interesting developments. Some police organizations are welcoming the scrutiny and others are apparently trying to run from it. Needless to say a worthwhile read... for the main stream. Note the argument suggesting that this could create an instant where the individual refrains from doing their job. This may be the justification for trying to make it illegal.

***Update**** Saturday Oct. 16. 2010

Yet another article seems to be echoing my admiration of the independent media. The Los Angeles Times, no less. 'WikiLeaks and 9/11: What if?' explores a very interesting idea that might just be more true than anyone in government would ever care to consider. That freedom of the press could be more important than even the Pentagon! This is the original and best 'Homeland Security' and with today's technology much more effective today than in any other time in history.

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