Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Colombus wasn't such a nice guy...

It's too late to get angry at Columbus... the man is long long gone. But Black Beard the pirate has nothing on Colombus when it comes to inhumanity. I don't normally gather my information from the Huffington Post... but on occasion they have to throw in a little truth or people would figure out their agenda. In this case, it's a bit of information on Columbus Day... How it became a "holiday" and some interesting facts they certainly don't reveal in the history books. I first heard this story a few years back from a local Indian chief... and it seemed impossible to be true.. I spent a Summer vacation in Spain... they were all friendly and warm people... but I, being ever curious, began to look and to my dismay find out for myself that indeed the Spanish of that era weren't so friendly after all. I'm sure... much like Americans and our many Wars today, the Spaniards of that time allowed false patriotism and faith in the government to hide the injustice. Such a shame not much has changed in 500+ years.

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