Sunday, October 17, 2010

The positive side to disaster...

When asked at the end of a typical interview...about all this 'doom and gloom' his standard 15 second response was... "No, my message is actually quite hopeful. I want to let people know that they can find ways to lead happy, fulfilling lives even as this doomed system crumbles all around them."

Just reading "The Five Stages of Collapse" should get one thinking. Much of what will go on... already is. I've always used the analogy of the game of monopoly... if one is familiar with the game... they lose when they run out of money. But what if the banker just printed more? The game would continue as long as the banker believed each player was credit worthy... but ultimately the banker will have every property and at that point... the players have nothing to buy stuff with...collapse! ...or they figure out the scam and get rid of the banker.

The five stages of collapse, just to be brief are.
1. Financial collapse.
2. Commercial collapse.
3. Political collapse.
4. Social collapse.
5. Cultural collapse.

I'd say we're further down the road in some than others...but if the football season were somehow affected I believe we could easily implode.

And the reasons to be hopeful.
1. Not all stages are avoidable.
2. Partial recovery after collapse is possible.
3. Relative timing of stages may vary.
4. Some places can be stabilized
5. Letting a doomed thing collapse is OK.

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