Saturday, October 23, 2010

Partisan politics... the endless circle

When you ask a politician why nothing ever really changes in Washington... or any other political body, for that matter, a politician will probably almost always start by saying it's very difficult to come to a consensus... it's hard work... it's always a compromise.

It certainly is hard to stop spending someone else's money, especially when your friends and neighbors look up to you as you do it.

The mafia learned the trick long ago...if one os going to steal... the benefits have to be spread around. One has to share! Certainly at least some of the cops, the judges, and public officials got their cut... effectively being paid to look the other way. Even the local community benefits from "crime". I know myself, some of my own family lore involves Al Capone and what a nice guy he was. And honestly, if you compare Al to most individuals involved in government or business these days... he would look like a saint. Sure, he killed a few people, but that's just it... a few people. And as far as his business... it would be legal today... only the "cut" would go to the government in the form of taxes and political contributions.

Today, even doctor's admit that somewhere between 100,000 to 300,000 people die due to misdiagnosis or a mistake. But we aren't throwing them in jail. And when you consider damage done from prescription drugs, vaccines, radiation and other "treatments" the good ole days of witch doctors and leaches doesn't seem so bad.

What this may come all come down to is perception and a recent poll taken by Gallup demonstrates this.

In 2007 the Democrats thought government was a huge threat... (it was) but now in 2010 apparently since they got their "cut", their man in office,  it's not so much of a threat...and for the Republicans... in 2007 when they were getting their "cut", government wasn't so much a threat but now that their horse isn't in charge... government has become the bad guy again (it still is). The truth is... it was, it is and it will be as long as people don't wise up to the game being played. To seeing the show, the entertainment, being provided to distract them from thinking rationally. It's just like professional wrestling... it's entertainment but where as in profeeional wrestling... if you don't like it... you don't have to watch it or pay to go see it... In politics your paying for the seat no matter if you want to or not... and it's a seat that's very expensive!


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