Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"What is the criteria for downsizing government?"

You never hear politicians say anything specifically to this question. So here's the answer to look for... "Get Rid of Everything that Doesn't Work!"

If one might have forgotten... they promised that:

1933: Everyone would have a retirement to look forward to... at age 65... for 1 penny of every dollar! Now it's 15 pennies and the system is still broke! And most of us will never see anything!

1965: To end poverty... didn't work. Poverty is worse than when the program started!

1972: They promised to get rid of evil drugs dealers and drug violence... it's only gotten worse. And more than likely, the biggest "dealers" work for the government!

1918-present: They promised 'National Security' ... all we've gotten is a giant bill and a nation of insecurity and a very sour economy. Let's just go back to 'National Defense'.

1945-1990: To stop communism and fascism... now they run the government!

There's probably a million more and in almost every case... failure. But they remain on the books and most certainly some government bureaucrat or corporate welfare recipient is attached to it like a leach. It's time to remove the leaches!

Every promise... needs to be kept or the program scraped!  Every program should have a designed shut off based on the particulars of what is supposed to happen. If it doesn't happen... it is immediately and automatically repealed.

Simple is a powerful concept. The document to look to is just a few pages long... so everyone could understand... even the lawyers! It's called the Constitution!

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