Friday, December 10, 2010

The Cult of the Paper Idol

When I used to look at all the problems in the world... I used to wonder how it all got so bad. It was very disheartening to see so many problems and so few solutions. It seemed every time one problem might have a solution... the solution would turn out to have even more problems. Look at margarine... supposedly a solution to cholesterol for the butter eaters with heart problems... but it turns out margarine, may in fact cause even more heart problems as well as a number of others.

The good news is I have found the cause to most of the problems of the world. Fiat currency and central reserve banking! It's all about the money! Where the money flows is attached to an agenda. People and businesses that follow that agenda are rewarded with "credit" and those who don't aren't. The power of being able to create money from nothing is truly amazing. So amazing that most people just can't conceive of how corrupted the system is.

Consider a simple monopoly game with four players. Each player is given $1500. The game begins... each time a player crosses Go, they receive an additional $200.. but as player buy and develop their property... the rent goes up. And being there is only a finite amount of money... at some point each player runs out until there is only one player remaining. However, imagine the bank is like our Federal Reserve. Which just prints more... and loans more... as long as players are deemed "credit worthy" they can continue to play... no one loses! But all the players will eventually become so indebted to the bank that they have lost control of their own assets...everyone loses! This is the problem with our monetary system that no one discusses. The bank can also simply pick winners and losers based on who it deems credit worthy. And thus personal agendas begin to creep into the system.

So for example... why is the medical industry so screwed up? Why do they treat illness and disease but never look to solve the causes? Because it pays to treat diseases instead of get rid of the problem.

And this is the introduction to what I like to call... The Cult of the Paper Idol.

Our monetary system has become a religion. And everyone has to participate. Our money used to be backed by gold and silver...over time this was abandon. 1913, 1933, 1963, 1971, 2008 (to name a few) are all years in history where little by little the controls over what money was... was loosened until the idea of money has simply become a matter of faith. The paper is only worth something if... everyone believes. Those who question the system are dealt with... and as long as one plays the game... it appears that they are rewarded. After all... money does make the world go around. The problem is... with one group in control of making money out of nothing and determining who is credit worthy... there is a creation of false demand...and things that would otherwise become scarce and therefore more valuable aren't necessarily recognized as such... so in the case of the environment... as long as it pays to destroy it... people will continue to do so...even when everything points to the opposite... the Cult of the Paper Idol... rules!

When you let one group print money from nothing... it's not long before they own everything and everybody.

This is why those who represent justice have become unjust, those who have pledge an oath to do no harm, harm people, why the news misrepresents the truth when it's truth that defines their credibility.And why the average person can't seem to figure out why the bad guys win... and the good guys lose. The cult of the paper idol.

I never really realized just how powerful a few dollars can be. One day, in a third world country, I summoned a cab. The driver took me across town and then voluntarily waited to take me back. I expected the fare to be expensive but when he told me $3 for what had been more than an hour of his time, I was shocked. I gave him what amounted to $10. One would have thought I'd been Jesus resurrected, he was so thankful! The man became my servant on call... and for the next week and a half I could call him night or day and he would be there to take me anywhere I needed to go. He even acted as my translator at the hotel on one occasion. This allegiance all for $7. Now multiply that effect by trillions and one might see how this paper idol has taken the world by the tail.

No matter which way one looks money has invaded the principles of what people perceive as positive or negative and thus what used to be up becomes down all depending on if it pays or not. Success is no longer about effort or determination, skill or ability... a successful businessman or woman has one quality... credit worthiness. Everything else is secondary. Debtors can be winners! And the biggest debtors can be the most popular and well thought of people. AS long as the checks don't bounce... one could be swimming in debt... few care. The problem however is debt is control and the one who controls the debt is in control. Voluntary slavery! And all for green slips of paper.

There is a way out.

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