Sunday, December 12, 2010

For those unable to see what is going on.... Your an idiot! (But you don't have to be)

Yes, I wanted to get YOUR attention. Yes, more than likely, YOUR an idiot! You've been fooled so many times, that those who know better, can't help but take advantage of you. I mean, it's like taking candy from a baby... only the baby would probably put up more of a fight than YOU have!

Just think of me as General George Patton, or one of the drill instructors at Paris Island... or even Gandhi (he didn't mince words) ...someone that has no time for pussyfooting around, or worrying about YOUR feelings ... because you have become so soft it really doesn't make a difference what I say, the truth alone is enough to bring you to tears or get you insanely angry. Time is of the essence and so I'm going to use every second of opportunity to inform you that it's time YOU get YOUR ASS in gear! It's time to wake up and smell the coffee! It's time to get in the game and score one for the team! There's no time for a fluffy marketing campaign, it's now or never. Your either going to make it happen or your going to be run over. And if the good guys are going to win, you've got to be more than just a speed bump.

One more time... your an idiot! Let me count the ways. Your your own worst enemy and your enemy has partnered up with you to not only watch you destroy yourself... but while on the way, score some more points for them. If you were a football player in this game, you'd be the one that not only fumbles the ball... but helps the other team to score another touchdown. If it were baseball... you wouldn't be happy with striking out every time at bat, nor hitting into a triple play every time (if you could pull that off) no you'd have to go further! You wouldn't be happy until the opposing team was scoring a grand slam every time the ball hit their bat. If it were hockey, we couldn't put you at goalie because you'd be flipping the puck into your own goal at every opportunity. It's not just that your ignorant... but that your so damn willing to be fooled! And if you were one who had a parent that didn't mind you losing as long as you had fun... well, they were a fool too!

Does this give you any clue to how worthless you've become? How ignorant you are? The proportions of the gigantic billboard with "LOSER" you carry around with you?

So, how do we turn you around? How do we turn your worthless ass into something of substantial benefit to you and those around you? How do we turn YOU into something respectable? In the Marines... until you've made it successfully through 13 weeks of hell you don't deserve the title. Most people would say... that's too much for them, but the truth is ...your about to find out you've been living in hell your entire life. You've been living in an insane asylum the entire time and didn't even realize it. They've got you so turned around the difference between up and down are questionable!

The first step is realizing that you do indeed have value but that your playing the wrong game. The game YOUR playing is a losers game. You can't help but lose. They've got you so screwed up that, what you think is winning, is actually how to lose faster! The people you admire... are probably the biggest losers of all. So the first step is letting you know there is a way to win the game but that means YOU have to stop playing the loser's game.

Step two is up to you. Do you WANT to actually stop playing the loser's game? Do you want to see the insane asylum for what it is? Do you have the guts to confront the reality that you indeed have been living in a hellish place that no matter how much effort, how much skill, how much forethought ... you always end up a loser... but you at least know your not alone. There is one comfort in that hell, your equal to everyone else. Or at least that's the spin you've bought into. And you have developed one skill and it is quite a skill! The skill to be blind to everything around you. Do you WANT give that up?

No, it's not as simple as a pill. You've actually got to put more effort into it than that... the question is... Do you want to stop being an idiot? Do you want to actually understand and play a game you can win? Can you let go of the things they say everyone else values and actually come up with something yourself? I want to set you free and freedom has endless possibilities but it also has one burden... responsibility. And that's the burden that's the hardest to accept.

The title I'm offering is "American". Not the one most throw around, the one that actually has meaning. Charles Manson is an American... but so was John Wayne. There is a difference. Being genuine makes a difference! And when you understand the difference you will appreciate it. But the question remains... Do you want it?

(I will console you... I was an idiot too...) Merry Fucking Christmas!

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