Sunday, December 12, 2010

Living Proof! Vitamin C cures!

This story is amazing!

Vitamin C brings a man back from death. All the Doctors had given up.

Living Proof. Vitamin C is a miracle cure.

A family fights for a man's life!

This is also a discussion for those who believe socialized medicine is the solution.

Modern medicine is all about the money! I'm sure most doctors and nurses won't admit to that but I'm sure some hospital administrators would. Doctors are put into a precarious position, insurance companies, government officials, professional associations and banks all have their hooks into a doctor. Needless to say, he has bills to pay and favors to keep... which could and usually does directly conflict with what a doctor may diagnose.

Just a flavor of some flaws in the medical industrial complex

Anti-biotics send 142,000 a year to the emergency room

More on the medical industry otherwise known as the Rockefeller monopoly

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