Monday, December 20, 2010

Reinvigorating People! Getting people excited about life! And getting them to chose the red pill

A topic that often comes up with the "Liberty Movement" is: How do we wake people up?

Recently I was listening to a very interesting podcast by Brett Veinotte. In it Brett spoke about how he had to look within to find out what he's good at and more importantly what he was supposed to be doing. He came up with three goals that he felt a teacher should be sure to accomplish with every student.

His three goals briefly (for children):

1. Reigniting, reviving or restoring the curiosity we all have within us but has been destroyed by the system. Then perpetuating and fostering that curiosity once they have it.

2. Helping them understand there can be something gained from positive relationships with adults. Allowing them to see the wisdom in others.

3. Stopping them from running away from learning. Restoring the love of learning.

This audio is about 30 minutes but well worth the time.

I can only speak for myself and my experience. I didn't have a bad education. I went to Catholic schools my first six grades and then over the next 6 years probably three of the better public schools in the state. But I was still sick of school. So sick, I joined the Army the day I turned 17. It wasn't until I got out of the Army, with a GI Bill... and knowing I had money to spend, I went back to school. First, for a vocation that at first interested me, then into a community college and finally a well known University. I had reinvigorated my curiosity and my love of learning! But even then, in my late 20s I still didn't grasp the importance. It wasn't until I was in my 40's that I really started learning...

Getting back to the point of waking people up... I know people will be very welcoming if those who are attempting to wake them first start by facilitating reigniting the flame of curiosity they have within themselves. It's fairly simple but does require more than handing someone a DVD and shouting some bit of information. It begins with listening, asking questions and in general being patient. Contrary to the constant fear promoted by the main stream on everything from terrorism to what your neighbor may be doing in their bedroom. Our approach has to be different. I'm not sure who said it, it might have been Gandhi, but the saying goes... Love is the absence of Fear. Let's start there and once those waking up see the spark, I'm sure success will soon follow!

Keep smiling!

Update: 1/3/11
Freedom seems to be melting into everything and here's just one more example. Want a successful marriage? Freedom of the individual might just be the solution... Sustainable Love - NYT Article

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