Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dealing with Reality... it isn't always pleasant

This is one of those truths that few want to deal with but it is one of the facts that has to be exposed before people really understand why the system of government we have has to be changed. The use of force and coercion in the daily exercise of government has been accepted as a necessary evil... but what few realise is... that corrupting power goes well beyond stealing money and murder mysteries.

Ted Gunderson is one of the brave individuals who should be heralded as a hero yet he remains unknown to most... and it's no coincidence... it's a testament to how far the deceipt and corruption have gone. These are things that make the mafia look like child's play.

This also functions as a control mechanism. People who fall into Satanism are forever pawns to the will of those with power and influence. Thus, it's simple to see how things happen that appear to be illogical or nonsensical. It's not just money that corrupts... it's also ignorance.

This is another reason why things like Wikileaks... is not tolerable. The truth needs to remain hidden... and people need to remain blind and obedient.

This is the longer version.

The following is a two hour presentation. It is indeed long but it is very informative. In regard to the religious nature, I'm not a follower, but many are and therefore it is necessary to know, for Christians as well as any other religion... to include even the most obscure.

I try and keep as much of my information to a maximum of an hour. If one invests an hour, I believe one will have enough to convince them that indeed this is something that does exist and does need to addressed. Regardless if you believe any of this there are people that have become pawns to it.

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