Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Genes: Not what most people think they are...

Although the common belief is that genes have a great deal to do with determining who we are... new studies may render that belief dead wrong. Genes are able to change to the environment they experience.

Now I'm not exactly onboard with everything these gentlemen say, but they do bring up  facts that support their beliefs. Let's just stick to them. Some facts we can presumably all agree with like the fact that modern medicine is more about money and thriving as a business on death and disease rather than being interested in determining how people can be healthy without medicine's intervention.

The New Biology: From Victim to Master

Here's a great 60min presentation on the genome. (There is about 20 min of Q and A)

Dr.Wayne Dyer interviewing Dr.Lipton on the new understanding in genetics

Isn't it interesting that this represents the "illusion" that our society has given us... but it's not based on reality... it's based on past behavior,our learned understanding... effectively an ideology.

Stefan Molyneux points out some very interesting ideas about how ideologies are formed.... his Bomb in the Brain series is very thought provoking and I'd highly recommend it if you have the time. This is just an introduction.

If you've made it this far hopefully you've been enlightened to some ideas that may have not occurred to you before. If so run with it! If you already knew Why didn't you let me in on this sooner??!! If your still unconvinced I can appreciate that as well... feel free to comment. This discussion is far from over!

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