Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two Inspirational People in One Day

Doing the right thing despite the government and big business isn't always easy. In one case a great deal of intimidation, police and federal agents showing up at the person's door and I'm sure their were other perceived or inferred threats.

But it's inspirational to see individuals standing up regardless of the pressure and doing the right thing!

The first person is Chris Lui, an airline pilot who probably has done more for airline and airport security with one video than the TSA has done in 9 years with hundreds of billions!

Chris Liu: I am the Pilot

The second was an employee of supposedly one of the best companies to work for in the world. Certainly this gentleman put his lucrative future on the line because of something he discovered while working at his job. The amount of data being collected on individuals boggles the mind and what is being done with that data concerned this gentleman. So he quit and came up with his own program that allows people to Opt Out of the secretive data collection schemes of many familiar names on the internet.

My second inspiring individual is Brian Kennish formerly of Google

Some Google Employees Defect

There are many more and I'd encourage everyone to look around for people simply not allowing their principles to be compromised for whatever excuse is convenient. If you don't see anyone... it might be you! If that's the case... Thank You!

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